A multi-service, co-ordinated approach enables us to provide best value engineering solutions

Lower costs, greater value and shorter programme times are prime objectives for every client, and the ideal way to achieve them is through expert early stage design development.

By developing the design and being fully involved in the early stages of a project, we can spot potential for value engineering, and identify and solve issues straight away, preventing them from becoming problematic later on.

We provide timely design verification, suggest value engineering options and devise fully coordinated installation solutions, with buildability incorporated from the start. Projects particularly benefit when we handle both design and build, making the entire process efficient and smooth.

To ensure best outcomes for our clients, we have a large dedicated design department comprising qualified and experienced mechanical, electrical and public health engineers, and a fully resourced CAD team. The entire team works in close collaboration, with robust processes making sure that the department runs ultra efficiently across all of its functions – from document control to information systems management.