From procedures and performance to delivery, we make sure that our services and our organisation measures up to exceptional quality standards every time

Our quality management system unites health, safety, quality and environmental conservation in a single, closed loop management system. Every one of our employees – from site operatives to directors - is responsible for ensuring quality within their particular sphere of operation, overseen by our quality assurance manager, department heads, contract managers and supervisors.

We produce a detailed execution plan for every project, assigning a dedicated and experienced implementation team tasked with making sure that the plan is carried out accurately and all stages run smoothly. The team also applies well-defined measurement systems to enable performance to be monitored and continuous improvement to be demonstrated.

Our mobilisation approach is thorough and comprehensive – from ensuring an effective basic working system to getting the right people for the job and inducting them properly; and from identifying and assessing risk to staying focused on getting a vast number of interconnected and complementary tasks right first time.

The high quality approach that we inject all the way down the line means that we have complete confidence in our installations – so much so that we are willing to maintain and operate them for our clients indefinitely. We also extend defects liability periods beyond the industry norm of twelve months.

We hold ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and Achilles accreditations, associated quality control and environmental policies, and an Investors in People accreditation.